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Hello visitor, 

thank you for your interest in my work.

I am YinXin (穎欣), though many know me as Han Ho. I am an illustrator with current residence in Germany. I work mainly on book/literature illustration, especially modern classic literature.

​For me illustration isn't just visualising exactly what's shown in the texts but beyond that. My illustrations should reflect how I view the world, the knowledge I've absorbed in life. I like symbolism, metaphors and absurdity of the subconsciousness. With every artwork I take a step further into the unknown. 


​3x3 Illustration Annual 2021: Merit Award (Steppenwolf, War Horse)

World illustration Awards: Commercial Category Shortlist (Steppenwolf)

​iJungle Illustration Award 2021: New Talent

(photo by Ha Hoang)

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