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Hello visitor, 

thank you for your interest in my work.

My name is YinXin, you may also know me as 'Han Ho'. I studied Design, majored in Illustration at Münster School of Design (MSD) in Germany. I work mostly in the field of Editorial and Book Illustration and find much enjoyment from working with texts.

To be able to interpret text with unexpected images is for me a big challenge but also an exciting one. My highest goal in illustration is to create atmospheric artworks, to enable the readers to live and engage more in the contexts.

"I'm obsessed with human's psyche. It's inside everyone of us, but at the same time so far away to be fully grasped. Our psyche roots in the perception and I'd like mine to be the satellite of different realities. So if there's no desk for me to stand on, I'll tilt my head."


​3x3 Illustration Annual 2021: Merit Award (Steppenwolf, War Horse)

World illustration Awards: Commercial Category Shortlist (Steppenwolf)

​iJungle Illustration Award 2021: New Talent

(photo by Ha Hoang)